James Townsend

Golf Instructor, James Townsend

James Townsend is considered to be one of the area’s top golf instructors. He is a 25 year member of the PGA of America. He became interested in golf at the age of 3. He went on to play High School golf for Lakota. He got his professional start at Lakota Hills Golf Course and went on to work at such places as Coldstream Country Club, City of Cincinnati Golf Courses, Kempersports Management and Billy Casper Golf.

James honed his golf skills utilizing professional instruction and lots of practice. He has been one of the top local professionals, playing in numerous PGA events. Highlights include All Star team selection in 1994 and a 2 time member of the Pro-Am team. Lowest tournament score is a 65.

James has taught thousands of golf lessons to all ages and skill levels. He takes great pride in helping golfers find more enjoyment on the course. His teaching philosophy is simple utilize sound fundamentals and tailor each lesson to that individuals needs and abilities. Here is what some of his students have to say.

“James doesn’t have one golf swing that fits all, each person has abilities and limitations and he structures the lesson to fit the student no the student to fit the lesson.”
– Steve Rauschkolb

“James has the ability to simplify the golf swing so that the goal of the lesson is easy to understand. He provides a report at the end of each lesson to remind me what we worked on and where to focus my practice.”
– Craig Higgins

“James with his quiet, calm, yet technically sound instruction has helped me tremendously. Most importantly, James has kept it pretty simple in his approach. Focus on the key fundamentals.”
– Jim Savage

James is a certified club fitter for all major brands and has tremendous knowledge of how your equipment can affect your game.

Visit James on his website at: www.greenjacketgolfer.com

Contact Information:
Phone: 513-300-8530
Email: townsendgolf@hotmail.com
Website: greenjacketgolfer.com

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