Club Regripping

Club Regripping

A fresh set of grips is an inexpensive and fast way to improve your shot making ability. Eagle Tee has a wide variety of grips from many manufacturers.

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All Major Brands: Golf Pride, Winn Grips and SuperStroke

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Why should I regrip my clubs?

The grip is one of the most important components in golf and your only connection to the club. The right grip allows the golfer to execute a proper swing. Old, dried out and slick grips will cause you to grasp the club tighter. This will result in arm and wrist tension that inhibits proper swing. The traction of a fresh grip lets you hold the club with a relaxed grip which promotes proper swing mechanics and wrist action.

How often should I regrip my clubs?

Regardless of how often you play golf, ozone, heat, dirt and oils are constantly breaking down the materials that make up your grip. Grips lose a significant amount of their original feel long before they become hard and glazed over. It is suggested that you replace your grips annually. Many golfers make it a habit to replace their grips every spring at the start of the season.